Wheelie bin cleaning service in Hertfordshire by Wheelie Washers

Your Wheelie Bin - Washed - Disinfected - Deodorised

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The Wheelie Washers bin cleaning method

The cleaning process is a quick and easy one.

Simply leave your bin out after the rubbish has been collected and we will come around the same day on a monthly basis and clean it.

The bin is lifted into the wash position on our vehicle by a hydraulic ram. Once in position high pressure jets blast the dirt and grime from the inside of the bin and any remaining marks are removed using a hand lance. The bin is lowered back to the ground smelling nice and clean then dried by hand.

WheelieWashers and the environment.

The water from the cleaning process is collected, filtered and recycled by the on board machinery minimising water usage.

Our chemicals are bio-degradable and kill 99.9% of all known germs dead. Thus ensuring that your bin is as environmentally friendly as we are.

For more information, call Wheelie Washers on freephone 0800 587 1902 or send us a message.

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